Byggeprosjekt “The Morse Phone 2017”

Byggeprosjekt “The Morse Phone 2017”

The Morse Phone is a morse sounder which you can use to start playing with morse code. The assembled kit can work independently, or in a network together with one or more other multiple connected units, and can also expand with a separate 433MHz RF module.

The Morse Phone can be used to get started with the Morse code. You can use him to practice, but you can also pair two or more Morse Phones and send messages to each other. In the manual there are some suggestions for fun experiments with the Morse Phone, so you can also make an extra Morse key of a paperclip or cloth knife and use it with the Morse Phone.
A separate RF kit will become available so the kit(s) can communicate at 433Mhz.

When two (or more) modules are connected together the one unit will always send to the other(s)

Det er beholdning av disse sett på Bergen Kringkaster til kr. 125,-. Og me har planer om å lage til eit for demo

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