About Bergensgruppen av NRRL

About Bergensgruppen av NRRL

Welcome to “Bergensgruppen av NRRL”

LA1B is the callsign of the Bergen branch of “Norsk Radio Relæ Liga” (Norwegian Radio Relay League) The club was established as “Bergens Radio Amatør Klub” (BRAK) 25th November 1922, and received its present callsign in 1949. The club is open to all and sundry with interests in radio communication and radio technique in general.

Regular meetings are held every second Monday through the year (see the calendar) Organized talks are generally given on the Mondays, and can also be set up at other times, to suit the presenters.  A few meetings each year are held near the city centre. Announcements are given in the calendar. Weekend activities are also announced here.

The club building is situated at Totland, a place south of the city of Bergen in a rural setting 300m about sea level. We have antennas for most bands, ranging from 160m to 70cm. One important benefit is that there is not too much human generated noise affecting this site. The building has a lounge, a kitchen, a couple of small bedrooms as well as a well-equipped radio room or shack. These facilities make contest activity easier.

Although there isn’t direct road access there is parking close nearby and the members enjoy the short walk to the club building. Please see section about “public transport” and “parking and how to get there”

The club holds a training course early each year leading up to the test for the license in April-May. These course evening are held in a locale closer to the city. The course is open for recruiting and the book used as basis for the course is titled “Veien til Internasjonal Radioamatørlisens”. See information about the course and the book here

The Club also has an emergency communications section (Sambandsgruppen) who are building up a mobile control room/depot room (in 2018). Equipment is cached in preparation for any call-outs as well as the personal equipment sets belonging to the individual amateurs. And permanent antennas have been installed at a couple of key sites. Exercises are called regularly.

The club has regular contacts with neighbouring clubs and smaller groups, for example a sub-group is being encouraged in Hardanger. Sotra DX Club also comes into this category. And a co-operative project is being started with the Haugesund-Karmøy group, this will hopefully spread to other groups as well in due course.

Please feel free to contact the club address with any queries or requests.
You can use the contact-form page or look at the contactslist for more specific contact persons.

Please come along if you are at a loose end in Bergen, we look forward to making your acquaintance.

LB0K/G8CKB, Peter

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